KHD Leather


The company has been using the young blood at the beginning of its establishment, making the cowhide made by kanghuida upgrade and steady growth, creating a green, natural, high-end enjoyment. Many of the company’s products are now chrome-free tanned cattle leather, water resources, for the use of cattle leather, is too much of a benefit to nature.

Our focus is only to do a good job on each piece of cowhide!

China Wuji County Conway da leather Co., LTD., is a company specializing in the production of automobiles, aviation, high-speed trains, ships, and other vehicles with cowhide, specialized in manufacturing for more than 20 years, the company operating area of more than 25000 square meters, owns more than 3000 square meters office area, 7 workshop, has Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and so on of the world’s top leather equipment and the support from the international first-class leather chemical enterprises.
We are proud of the leather production technology, in the past few decades to the domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, airlines and railway departments widely praised, and long-term stable cooperative relations.
The company has always firmly set up the “standard leading” consciousness, improving and enhancing the ISO9001 standard system; To stabilize the product quality, the company has passed the management 16949 system certification which is matched with the automobile production management. Employ several senior engineers at home and abroad as technical support, comprehensive implementation of modern standardized operations, fine production to the site of each operation step, improve the level of standardization of on-site operations, stable process control, and strengthen the quality of basic management.
The success of the brand comes from our focus, we inherit the tradition, and follow the ancestors of the hard work, only to maximize the reduction of the natural texture of leather. Nature cannot be duplicated, nature is supreme. Do every piece of leather in my mind. In 2016, we established the “leather green manufacturing technology and Auxiliary Research and Development Center” in cooperation with Tianjin University of Science and Technology to develop environment-friendly and pollution-free leather production technology and the “wuji county kanghuida leather technology research and Development Center” to develop a variety of environment-friendly high-end high-tech products. After the product was put on the market, widely praised, and was rated as a “Hebei province famous brand product.

To provide customers with excellent quality and reasonable price natural, natural, green, environmentally protect, and comfortable products.

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